Lilyhometel Story

Welcome to Lily Hometel!

The social accommodation concept

Nowadays, most people have to work in order to live. With all the pressures of modern life, most of us are too busy to priority our time to relax! After hours, the best perfect choosing is going home and rest, so you can come back to work then your mind is fresh and clear! There are so many foreign – invested companies and branches of foreign firms in Vietnam, from a lot of country in the world, such as: Korea, Japan, China, America, and so on!

Our Vietnamese people could go home, but how about foreigner? Where should they stay after off work? Where the places are liked their house? A lot of people that they rent apartments in the buildings, but actually there are exclusive of housekeeper, cleaning up the room, paying for the services, and the other problems arising.

The desire for building the apartments with closed design, and it must be comfort and convenience with services fully, these places are like a second home to people. Lily Hometel is founded.

Lily hometel is home plus hotel! We believe that in our modern society, moving around a lot is normal thing, people move from one province to another, from one country to another also,with different purposes, some for working, a few for travelling, other for visiting, after all, thehouse is the last place where people think and want to come back! Our hometel try to pay attention on minute details. When you stay in our house, it always does something to you, you will get feeling so peace and quiet. We would not focus only in businessman but welcome traveler, family, friends group, visitor, and so on. We always want the best thing for you, please remember, when you choose our houses, they will be become your house for temporary. Your home’s here!

For this day, we are becoming a professional company, we specialize in providing apartmentsand four-star services. We learn and improve our self, day by day. We try our best to bring foryou the best feeling, the best services